The E-Cig and Celebrities

Celebrities and E-Cigs

BluCig and Jenny McCarthy

McCarthy was the poster child for e-cigs, but with BluCig under the FDA radar. McCarthy has now either withdrawn or BluCig have gone down a different advertising route. McCarthy did however add glamour to e-cigs and gave weight to the e-cig trend.

Sean Penn and Robert Pattinson

It is no secret that these two actors smoke, but both of these stars have been spotted vaping on camera and neither of them tries to hide their interest in e-cigs.

Johnny Depp

In the movie The Tourist Depp was pictured on screen vaping and this could be the earliest on screen introduction of vaping. In the movie Depp’s character was able to vape inside a train. Since the movie it seems that Depp has developed an ongoing taste for e-cigs.

Celebrity E-Cig Benefit

When an actor, actress or musician is spotted vaping it creates credibility to the industry just like an advertisement. As celebrities have more of an impact they are able to inspire others to give up smoking in favour of an e-cig.

The e-cig benefit is that instead of inhaling smoke, the users will be inhaling vapor. Vaporizers come as portable, pen and table top which allows users to vape at home or to take there e-cig with them where ever they go so that they can enjoy the vape. Vaporizers use an e-liquid that comes in various flavours whether you are looking for a similar taste to a cigarette or something fruity like cherry. The e-liquid is heated up when the user takes a draw from the e-cig which then produces the vapor or mist.

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